Signs and symthoms of Asbestos Lung Cancer

Asbestos lung cancer is a rare lung cancer that also called mesothelioma. It is rare because only 1 people from millions who suffer it. Mesothelioma has correlated with asbestos exposure because the disease usually attacks people who work in asbestos factory or construction project that use asbestos as material.

Asbestos dust can enter the lung through respiration activity and accumulated there to develop cancer. The cancer cells develop from mutation of mesothelium cells in the pleura, layer that protects lung. Cancer that grows inside chest wall can rises pain sensation and very torture. The sufferer always dies after 4 to 18 months after diagnosis, and few that living over 5 years after diagnosis.

Signs and symthoms of mesothelioma

Mesothelioma that develops in pleura can cause this signs and symthoms.
  • Chest pain, especially in chest wall
  • Shortness breath
  • Low level of hemoglobin (anemia)
  • More easy to fatigue
  • Cough and wheezing
  • Blood clotting abnormality
  • Lung surrounded by fluid

In a severe condition the cancer tissue can interrupt lung activity and makes failure to breath. The most dead by mesothelioma was affected by failure of breath because of enormous growth of cancer. The cancer can spreads into abdominal cavity and other body organ and make severe complication.

The simple signs of mesothelioma is chest wall pain, cough, and shortness breath. If you feel such condition and you live or work near by asbestos processing you must call the doctor as fast as possible. The doctor can explain you how to against the disease and make your spark of live more big.

You may take prevention action by use fencing mask to block asbestos dust enter the lung. Stop smoking is very good because nikotin and tar can improve developing of cancer cell. Eating healthy food and taking sport is important to strengthening immune system that defend body from diseases.

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