Online Course for Worker

In the globalization era, worker always compete each other to reach higher position in the company. Worker that have good habbit and good working can get promotion to higher position. The higher position also compensate with higher revenue from the company. Increasing knowledge is important point to become better worker, knowledge will guide to better action when working.

To get more knowledge, worker can takes a course that appropriate with their specialist. But the most problem for worker to takes a course is “time”. Yes time, because they must work from morning to the afternoon, many of them must work until evening. General course need face to face meeting that takes hours in a week. So how to solve this problem? The answer for this problem is takes online course.

online course

What is online course? Online course is course model without face to face meeting, all you need are computer or mobile phone and internet access. The institutions that organize it will send you various multimedia materials that can you learn from home in free time. The multimedia materials can different depend on each institutions. Following are multimedia materials that common in online course.
  • Syllabus
  • Course calendar
  • Announcements
  • Resources
  • Lecture notes and handouts
  • Discussion forums
  • Learning video
  • Web links
  • Assessments

You will get 5 to 10 weeks of course and if you complete it and pass the assessments you can get certificate. The certificate is proofing your success in online course program. Institutions that held online course usually cooperation with many University and College. There are many courses you can pick depend on your desirability. Lecturer will guide you through material and give you some assessment questions to test your understanding.

You must pay some money to get high grade online course. The cost for course range from 50 to 1000 $ depend the institutions. Here are some online course institutions you can register.

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